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A lot of the work I do involves helping individuals or couples deal more effectively with conflict. Some people have a natural tendency to avoid conflict and that can be an effective strategy, but it does have consequences.

Often individuals who are conflict avoidant are reluctant to speak up and assert themselves, so I work with them on assertiveness – how to be able to speak their mind in a respectful way while not being overwhelmed by the emotion or discomfort that conflict creates.

For some individuals, I may be working with them around how to manage their anger. These people tend to be more aggressive in conflict, and frequently it works. If they have a partner or coworker who is conflict avoidant, they may get their way, but it too has consequences to the relationship and to that individual.

I help them in terms of being aware of their thoughts, their emotions, their reactions to conflict, and their response to somebody who may have a different opinion or may not agree with them. I encourage them to try more effective ways of communicating without utilizing a raised voice or a specific aggressive tone, or even certain body postures or facial expressions which could be perceived as aggressive.

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“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

-David Richo